Here are some comments I have left on other people’s blogs.


thank you for your comment but in Australia we spell the word favourite with a “u”. we also spell other
words differently like mum!

Hi Alan sounds like you are having fun at school. Can you please explain what Q2 is?

Hi Loudon,  My name is Aaron.  I live in Adelaide in Australia.  my Favourite car is the Bugatti.  I like Bugattis Because there are different to everything else.  I also like jets. What other things do you like?

Hi Boden, no I don’t play soccer. Good luck trying out for the rep squad!
Yes I do have a PlayStation 4. My favourite games are rocket League, War Thunder and Project Cars.
:) Aaron


Growth Mindset Day

Growth Mindset Day  was a fun and special day!

It’s when you do fun activities and its also about being positive, and not giving up.  My favourite part was juggling with Mr Pastro. My second favourite part was the game walk the plank with Mr Colagrossi (Senior). My third favourite part was when we did making songs.  My partner was Jacob and it was with Mr Colagrossi (Junior). We also had a shared lunch, and I really liked the food. Also we had a guest speaker named Jo Blesing. She spoke about her life with MS (Multiple Sclerosis).  It was interesting how she can survive.

It was a fun and exciting day!